Are Credit Cards Waterproof

Are Credit Cards Waterproof?

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Credit cards have become an essential financial tool in today’s world, offering convenience and flexibility for transactions. We use credit cards for a variety of purposes, from everyday purchases to major expenses. However, amidst our reliance on these small pieces of plastic, a common question arises: Are credit cards waterproof? In this article, we will dive deep into this myth and shed light on the truth behind credit card durability.

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Credit CardWater ResistanceBenefits
American Express (Amex)Water-resistantRewards program, travel perks
Capital OneWater-resistantCashback options, no foreign transaction fees
Best Buy Credit CardWater-resistantExclusive discounts, financing options
Home Depot Credit CardWater-resistantSpecial financing, discounts on home improvement purchases
Chase Credit CardWater-resistantVarious rewards programs, travel benefits
Kohl’s Credit CardWater-resistantExtra discounts, Kohl’s Cash rewards
Old Navy Credit CardWater-resistantReward points, exclusive discounts at Old Navy and affiliated brands
Victoria’s Secret Credit CardWater-resistantReward program, special offers for cardholders
Discover Credit CardWater-resistantCashback rewards, flexible redemption options
Amazon Credit CardWater-resistantAmazon rewards, cashback on eligible purchases
Milestone Credit CardWater-resistantCredit-building opportunities for individuals with limited credit history
Apple CardWater-resistantDaily cashback, seamless integration with Apple Pay
TJMaxx Credit CardWater-resistantTJX rewards, exclusive discounts at TJMaxx stores
Indigo Credit CardWater-resistantReward points for Indigo purchases, special offers
Amex PlatinumWater-resistantPremium travel benefits, airport lounge access
Barclays Credit CardWater-resistantVarious rewards programs, special financing options
JCPenney Credit CardWater-resistantDiscounts on JCPenney purchases, special promotions
Sears Credit CardWater-resistantDiscounts at Sears and affiliated stores, special financing options
Sam’s Club Credit CardWater-resistantCashback rewards, exclusive benefits for Sam’s Club members
Ulta Credit CardWater-resistantBeauty rewards program, exclusive discounts at Ulta stores
Walmart Credit CardWater-resistantCashback rewards, special financing options
Aspire Credit CardWater-resistantCredit-building opportunities, online account management
Apple Credit CardWater-resistantDaily cashback, privacy-focused features
Destiny Credit CardWater-resistantCredit-building opportunities, flexible payment options
PC MastercardWater-resistantPC Optimum points, discounts at participating stores
BJ’s Credit CardWater-resistantRewards program, exclusive discounts at BJ’s Wholesale Club
CIBC Costco MastercardWater-resistantCashback rewards, no annual fee for Costco members
Fortiva Credit CardWater-resistantCredit-building opportunities, online account management
Amazon Store CardWater-resistantFinancing options for Amazon purchases, exclusive offers
American Express PlatinumWater-resistantPremium travel benefits, concierge service
Banana Republic Credit CardWater-resistantReward points, exclusive discounts at Banana Republic and affiliated brands
Target Credit CardWater-resistantDiscount at Target, special promotions

The Technology Behind Credit Cards (Are Credit Cards Waterproof )

Credit cards are not mere pieces of plastic; they incorporate advanced technology to ensure security and functionality. Most credit cards, including the widely recognized American Express (Amex) and Capital One credit cards, are made with a combination of plastic and metal layers. The primary components include a magnetic stripe, an EMV chip, and the cardholder’s information. These elements allow credit cards to store and transmit data necessary for transactions.

However, despite their technological sophistication, credit cards are not designed to be completely waterproof. While they can withstand some exposure to moisture, they have certain limitations that must be taken into account.

Understanding Credit Card Water Resistance

When we discuss the water resistance of credit cards, it’s important to differentiate between water-resistant and waterproof. Most credit cards are water-resistant to some degree, meaning they can tolerate minimal contact with water without immediate damage. Spills, accidental drops in shallow water, or exposure to light rain should not cause significant harm to a credit card’s functionality.

However, it is crucial to note that credit cards are not completely waterproof. Extended submersion or exposure to excessive moisture, such as being fully immersed in water or going through a washing machine cycle, can lead to severe damage to the card’s components. This can result in a loss of data, rendering the card unusable.

Debunking the Myth

While credit cards have a certain degree of water resistance, it is not advisable to test their limits. It is essential to keep credit cards away from water sources and take precautions to protect them from accidental exposure. Here are a few tips to ensure the longevity of your credit cards:

  1. Keep credit cards in a secure wallet or cardholder to prevent accidental water damage.
  2. Avoid carrying credit cards in pockets close to water bottles or other sources of moisture.
  3. If your credit card does get wet, gently dry it with a soft cloth and ensure it is completely dry before use.
  4. In case of significant water exposure or damage, contact your card issuer for a replacement.

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to protecting your credit cards from water damage. Being proactive will save you from the hassle of dealing with a damaged card and the potential loss of important financial information.


In conclusion, credit cards are not entirely waterproof, but they do possess a certain level of water resistance. While they can withstand minor contact with moisture, it is crucial to avoid subjecting them to prolonged submersion or excessive exposure. By taking precautions and being mindful of their vulnerability to water, we can ensure the longevity and functionality of our credit cards.

Next time you’re reaching for your Best Buy Credit Card, Home Depot Credit Card, or any other credit card from your wallet, remember to keep them dry and protected. Maintaining the integrity of your credit cards will guarantee a smooth and secure financial experience.

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